International Exchange in the Age of Society 5.0: An Interdisciplinary Seminar for Young Scholars (Call for Proposal)

The International Office of the School of Letters/Graduate School of Humanities, Osaka University is organizing an interdisciplinary International Seminar for young scholars and is subsequently planning to publish the papers in proceedings with ISBN code.

Details of the program:

  1. Special lecture on a topic related to “International Exchange in the Age of Society 5.0
  2. Oral presentations by young scholars on the topic of the seminar from diverse fields of humanities and social sciences
  3. Open discussion

Date of the Seminar: October 26 – Wednesday, 2022   13:00 ~  (JST)

Mode of the seminar: in-person and online (Hybrid) 

The Language of the seminar: English (including Q & A)

Deadline for abstract submission: September 20-Tuesday, 2022

(The abstract should be written in English in Word format between 150 – 250 words.)

Result announcement of the selected papers:  September 30 – Friday, 2022

Proposal submission:

The purpose of this seminar is to provide free space in which new ideas can be developed through discussions and intellectual interactions. Furthermore, the seminar targets to contribute to fostering the next generation of scholars who would be armed with interdisciplinary knowledge in order to contribute to achieving the sustainability goals.

Society 5.0 mainstreamed the concept of a human-centered and technology-based society and strives to minimize the negative impact of artificial intelligence technology in which the role of humanities education increases manifold. The COVID-19 pandemic has taught the world how to move with technology while warning of several societal challenges. The humanities education may empower the next generation to deal with such challenges, which would further contribute to Society 5.0. Through this International Seminar, we will attempt to analyze how the new generation is coping with the new challenges while pursuing their research in this new era.  For this purpose, we are glad to call for papers that explore how technology, above all digital science, can contribute to the humanities, or how the digital humanities can help to solve societal challenges.

We would like to invite young scholars to share their research outcomes with their overseas counterparts and receive comments from different perspectives for further improvement.

Please refer to the following for the past seminar and proceedings.


Dr. Mohammad Moinuddin

Assistant Professor, International Affairs Office, School of Letters/Graduate School of Humanities, Osaka University