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This department combined digital learning technologies and Chinese language resources abroad to facilitate transdisciplinary studies. It provides training for teaching and research skills in Chinese language, culture and global Chinese education. It seeks to prepare talent for overseas work.
The department focuses on the East Asia region and aims to train theory and equip students with skills to independently conduct research in the fields of culture and its application (including East Asian culture and thought, culture creativity and application), and Politics, Economics and Regional Development (including East Asian politics and economics, globalization and regional governance)


The program combines all the relevant subjects involved in global studies to provide four pillars of knowledge. By doing so, to educate students with a holistic viewpoint to face the developments and challenges brought by global village and to cultivate talents that possess cross-field expertise in the humanities and society, understanding in Taiwan and Asian societies, global perspectives, and inter-cultural communication capabilities.

Graduate Institute

This program seeks to train talent that can transcend technology, national borders and culture, and pioneer new media, new concepts and new criticisms. It also strives to equip prospective talents that can master the pulse of the network information and stay ahead of the leading trends.
This institute endeavors to cultivate the professionals of human resource development and management, as well as the professionals of international and cross-cultural management.
This program strives to train the social workers specialized in family studies. Its goals are to integrate social work theory and practice, promote the interactions between social work practice and academia, provide social workers with international vision and multicultural competences and establish a local and global practice in social work profession.
This institute seeks to train young scholars in the field of tourism studies, as well as tourism professionals with strong expertise in European cultures.

Research Center

The major focus of this research center will be on mainland China and Southeast Asia Hakka studies, hence three research areas: Hakka studies in Taiwan, Hakka studies in mainland China and Hakka studies in the Southeast Asia and global areas.

The Research Center for East Asian Cultures and Sinology aims to globalize sinology and culture studies and to cooperate with American and European sinology organizations.

This center is devoted to promoting transnational or interdisciplinary cooperation in family studies. It also strives to construct international perspectives and local professional development for social work and family studies.