The New “ME”

Sze-Lok Hsu
Department of East Asian Studies

“May I have your attention please! The plane from Hong Kong to Taipei is about to take off!”

On October 2, 2021, I boarded a plane to Taipei and came to my dream university, NTNU. I still remember that I disregarded my family’s objections and then got their permission to study the subject I like the most, which is East Asian Studies. I set foot on this place that I had never been to, Taiwan, and started my new life.


As a student of the Department of East Asian Studies, I liked the courses that were across cultures and politics that built up a lot of skills and professional knowledge. The courses that impressed me are “An Introduction to Globalizing Politics and Economy” by Professor Chen and “Introduction to International Relations” by Professor Hsu. These courses have brought me a wealth of academic skills and international outlook, such as news review and writing a thesis or report. I was also able to have in-depth discussions with professors and classmates. That’s why I love the Department of East Asian Studies a lot!

Next, I would like to share my moment of honor. I remember a conversation I had with one of my professors, who remarked, “You are only a sophomore, and you won this award like other master’s and doctoral degree holders. You still compete with them. I appreciate your courage and tenacity!”

Last summer, I joined the “2022 Overseas Compatriot Affairs Policy and National Development Course” by OCAC, ROC, and NTNU. I wrote the thesis called “The Comparison on the Development of Overseas Community Affairs between the Cross-Strait – Focusing on Education and Business” that won the “Excellence Paper Award” which was reviewed by OCAC and different university professors. That is my biggest honor in my life. I learned a lot about overseas Chinese histories, policies, and international trends, and I discussed different topics and issues. I appreciate this experience and this honor.

Then, as the top institution of education and ranked first in international outlook in Taiwan, I am glad that NTNU has provided abundant resources and opportunities. I chose a double major in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies so that I can develop interdisciplinary skills. This is helpful for my academic career and application. I also took different EMI courses and attended events, which made me a student worker of the bilingual (EMI) project in the College of Liberal Arts of NTNU. I was also the teaching assistant of Taipei Municipal Daan Elementary School to promote and teach environmental-friendly and related board games.

In addition, NTNU creates a rich campus culture and an active atmosphere. I got a chance to attend various lectures and academic seminars. I always saw that the events were held by different departments and clubs at Jheng-Cheng courtyard or area. I can’t help but fall in love with this atmosphere.

In the future, I intend to attend graduate school and I will stay here to try my best to contribute to where I was educated-Taiwan. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the professors who taught me and the persons who have always support me. Especially, of course my love, National Taiwan Normal University.

Oh! Taiwan! The beautiful Taiwan! In this land, all the people and things are my indelible and warm memories. I am braver to face myself here, I will always remember the kindness of Taiwanese people!

“Taiwan is the Taiwan of the world, the world can influence us, and we can influence the world too!”